About Us

Our Vision
To be the go to platform for Agribusiness Knowledge in Africa

In most cases, knowledge comes at a cost and it is not easily accessible to all. The slogan for Iced Tube is ‘Democratizing Agribusiness’ and this means making it more accessible. Video content is a powerful tool of communication as the information and demonstration is passed clearly. We also aim to bring more youth into agribusiness.

Our Objective
At Iced Tube, we aim to provide knowledge that will educate the farmers on best farming practices, value addition and increased production.
We also aim to bridge the expectations gap between farmers and the market.

Business Overview

  • IcedTube is a peer-to-peer video learning platformby which the agribusiness community can shareknowledge with each other in the form of videos.


Why IcedTube?

• Many farmers lack access to accurate information
in order to optimally and efficiently produce food
– The information that is available is either
difficult to obtain or too expensive.
• IcedTube aims to bridge this knowledge gap in
agribusiness in a cost-effective and accurate way
through a peer-to-peer video learning platform


Turning text into videos to relay knowledge for food security


Training students and farmers to document, edit and distribute content through Agri-journalism


Bringing together the agribusiness community across geographies and value chains


Providing information in a cost-effective and easily-accessible way to all

Product Offerings

  1. Short instructional videos for Agribusiness.
  2. Internet TV for Agribusiness.
  3. Mentorship programsfor upcoming Agri-preneurs.
  4. Mobile Journalism Training.
  5. Externships connecting young Agri-preneurs with those who have experience.

Agribusiness clubs for university students

Network of players in the agribusiness community

Films and live broadcast on Agribusiness content

Our team

Senior Team

Jackson Kiptanui


He is a maverick. Worked with Technology companies for 8 years. The tech companies were in ISP, VAS and microlending space. Graduated at University of Nairobi with honors in B. Com (Finance) and CPA.

He has been a farmer for the last 7 years and farms in livestock fodder and horticulture..

He is a big advocate of getting young people into Agribusiness.

Email: jackson@icedtube.com

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